Company branding

We specialise in helping companies create or reinvent their brand. A brand is more than just a logo, we'll work with you to create an entire digital and print based identity for your business.

Creating an identity for your business

At Solihull Digital we understand the importance a good overal brand can have for any small business. Our brand design process is based around involving you throughout, ensuring the final solution fits your needs. To us branding doesn't just mean a logo, we'll unify anything your business publically produces, ensuring brand consistency accross the board.

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Our design process

Sketching / Planning

Our first port of call is always to work with you to create an initial concept. Using visual thinking and creative exercises we'll define the key values and ideas that represent your business.

Initial Concepts

Based around the set of requirements and sketches that were originally created we'll create a set of concept designs to present to you, we'll then iterate on these concepts as we move closer to a final solution.

Final Production

A full brand identity is produced for your business. Covering print identity such as business cards and letter heads, through to updating your website to include new logos, editing email signatures.